Manifest Mindset: Part Two

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“I believe that we have to be in the process of wherever we are and allow the Universe to catch up with our dreams…”  ~Gabrielle Bernstein

Dear Universe,

As soon as I wrote the last letter to you, the one about believing in your powers, a message began appearing—one that I had to take notice of.

don't worry about the hows

“Don’t worry about the HOWS!” The Universe

The reason this message seemed to scream at me is because, well Universe, sometimes I do doubt your abilities.

I know!  I’m sorry!  Forgive me!


It’s just that sometimes I can’t see how something I want to manifest is even possible.

Just a few weeks ago, I was out with my friend (the one I wrote about in the last post).  In one conversation, I explained to her my fear that something I wanted was never going to come my way.  I felt my request was too specific and too hard to come by.

You must have heard me.

About a week after that, an opportunity came my way that resembled exactly what I had just been describing; the thing I was afraid was impossible to manifest, landed in my lap.

universe conspiresI immediately made the connection and even told my friend, “I guess this is the Universe’s way of letting me know that anything is possible.   It’s not my job to figure out how.  When something is meant to be the Universe will conspire to make it happen.”

As it turned out, this opportunity wasn’t exactly right for me.  But the lesson and message from you was obvious.  I have to have faith that what I want is within reach, just around the corner and completely possible.

After all, if I don’t, who will?

I thought I heard the message loud and clear, but I think you wanted to be sure.  So you sent me another sign, this one even more direct.

As I finally watched Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr’s event “Crazy, Sexy Miracles,” Gabby said something that felt she laser beamed right to me.  I had to stop and write it down!

“I believe that we have to be in the process of wherever we are and allow the Universe to catch up with our dreams…  Have a clear vision, but hold it loosely, and allow it to become something that maybe isn’t as exactly as we planned…  Let it go. Set it free… If we can release the tension and the control we have over this vision and dream, then you can let yourself off the hook… Trust and know that it will come in a divine time that isn’t yours.”

trust the universeYes!!!

This message was yet another reminder that part of the process of asking, believing and receiving is having complete faith in each step and not questioning every little thing.

It’s not my job to figure out how something will come to be.  It’s yours.  When I make a request, I simply have to let it go and let you sort out the details.

Let go and not have control over every little thing?  Have you do all the sorting for me?!

I’ll keep on working on it.  And you, Universe, can keep proving your powers.  🙂  I promise to appreciate whatever you send my way—even if it’s not my exact vision, especially then.  Because I know you know what’s best for me and when it’s best for me.

Thank you for the signs.  And thanks for letting me know you are listening, and listening very carefully.  It’s nice to be heard.

Much Gratitude,



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