The Big E

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“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We were just having fun.”

Dear Universe,

I am a kid at heart.

When it comes to playing games?  I’m ready.  Sugary treats reminiscent of my childhood?  I’m all for it.  Being silly whenever possible?  I mastered that a while ago.  🙂

So when it was suggested that I take a road trip to see the Big E, I practically raced to the car.

I didn’t exactly know what the Big E was, but I had heard of it from time to time and that was enough for me.

In a nutshell it goes a little something like this:

A massive carnival to the extreme.  Food vendors galore.  Each of the New England states represented in some fashion.  Boutiques with crafts, jewelry and knick-knacks.  Animals to see and pet.  Live music.  In other words, so much to see, hear, do and experience.

And experience it I did.

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I am a kid at heart.

There’s something magical about experiencing new things when you are a child.  Everything seems larger, brighter and happier.  You soak it all in and ask any questions you think of. You jump into everything possible without a care in the world.

You attack the moment at full speed and delight in the possibility.  You believe that the world is a magical place and anything is possible.

As an adult, it’s rare to approach new things with all that gusto.  For one, we are expected to behave seriously.  For another, we have a lot going on.  How can we possibly let go and be in the moment when there’s so much other stuff that has to get done?

So instead, we sit back and watch our kids—or any kids—be all in.  We capture the excitement through their eyes, their smiles.  In those starry looks the memory of what it felt like to be their age comes back to us at full force.

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But the other day, I did the opposite.  I tried to forget about work, obligations, worries, to-dos and just be all in. Instead of watching all the kids be kids, I vowed to channel my inner child and enjoy myself on a different level.

So I rode a Ferris wheel—for the first time!  I went on a ride that swung me so fast and so high I thought I’d be dizzy for days.  I ate all the foods I typically avoid—and took dessert home!  I played skee ball and other carny games and even won a stuffed moose.


I kept my phone away, took pictures on my camera and just enjoyed the sunny, fun-filled, food-filled, happiness-filled day with perfect company.

I am a kid at heart.  I think we all are.  It’s just nice to be reminded of it now and then.

So whenever you can, wherever you can, be all in.  Laugh a little harder, love a little more and live life to the fullest.

And whenever possible?  Ride a Ferris wheel.  After all, getting a new perspective of where you are is never a bad thing.

Much Gratitude,



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