London Bridge

Angie Hope, Journey, London

Dear Universe,

The other day I woke up to an email from a good friend.  While she always sends uplifting and humorous messages to me, this one had an unexpected line thrown in.

She said, “I feel you’re at the bank of the river plotting how to cross it. I have total faith…”

I sat back touched, but also amazed.  This wasn’t the first time my friend had shown how intuitive she was with me.  She didn’t know, but I was on a mission that day.

I was going to London Bridge.  The last time I had been in London I wanted to go, but never made it.  I was told if I was going to see a bridge it should be Tower Bridge—which was impressive.  This time I vowed to get there.

So when I woke up to sunshine filled sky, I knew it was time.  I found my way to London Bridge and it was just an ordinary looking bridge after all.  But there was something about it that compelled me.  Standing alone in the middle of the bridge seemed symbolic and my friend’s words echoed in my mind.  After all, I feel like I left one life and am heading to another, but I’m still not sure what awaits me on the other side.  I stood in the middle of the bridge taking in the view of the River Thames for a long while like that, not wanting to move.  Eventually, the wind got the best of me and I headed back.

Later on, I reflected some more and realized sometimes standing still or treading slowly really is the best way to move forward.  I’m in no rush to run to the other side.  I’ll just do my best to enjoy the journey…wherever it leads me.

Thank you for my bridge moment,