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Dear Universe,

I’ve come to a conclusion.  I like receiving mail.  I mean unexpected, uplifting, make-me-smile mail.  Not the usual expected bills, junk and serious mail.

And who doesn’t?  Everyone likes to feel like they are being thought of, remembered.

I’m good about sending cards to people when there is an occasion: a birthday or a holiday, for instance.  But often that is the mail someone is expecting.

(Some of the surprises that have arrived these last several months.  Notice the travel theme!  I like it.  🙂 ) 

I used to be better about mailing things.  One Valentine’s Day I think I sent twenty-something cards and notes to close friends and family.  I was in college and it was part of my effort to be in touch.  I’d send cards simply to say hello and let loved ones know they were on my mind.  I’d travel and everyone would get a postcard, even if the trip was a short one.

Recently, I remembered how much fun it is to get unexpected mail.  A friend of mine started sending me quick notes of encouragement or a cut out magazine article that reminded her of me.  What made these pieces even more exciting to receive was seeing the way she packaged these notes.

She was making the envelopes!  Out of magazine pages, scrapbook paper, anything she felt like.  It made the notes feel like a gift with special, personalized wrapping just for me.

(And yes, I save the envelopes! They are works of art.)

I started to pay it forward.  Unexpected cards went out—some with surprises tucked in them.  Postcards from Paris and London flooded mailboxes while I was away.  And when a friend unexpectedly ordered me a bottle of champagne to be delivered in the mail (Yes, you can do this!  I did have to sign for it to prove I was of age) I sent her something in return weeks later.  Just this last week I discovered a way to send complimentary tea to someone.  (  Love Yogi tea!)  So I did.  And in return, I received something totally unexpected.

The spiritual reader I met a couple of months ago in New York City had promised to send me a special necklace, a handmade amulet holding a unique prayer just for me.  It would bring protection, positive energy and help open my heart.  He asked me to wear it, trust in it and cherish it.  I said, of course I would.  It’s a gift and I would treat it as such.  He smiled.

That was weeks ago, though so I wondered if he would remember.  He did.

Thank you for the kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness in others.  It really does make my day to receive unexpected cards, notes, messages, packages (I didn’t forget about my Back to the Future DVD either) and amulets.  (Okay, and champagne too!)  In turn, I will continue to do the same for other people.  Sometimes it takes such little effort to bring a smile to someone’s day.

I don’t know about making my own envelopes, though.  But… maybe I’ll give it a whirl.

Much Gratitude,



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