Beach Reading

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Dear Universe,

Now I’ve always been a fan of a good beach read and I want to say thank you for providing me with plenty of satisfying beach reads over the years.

But today I want to thank you for a different kind of beach reading.

One of my dearest friends and I agreed to meet early morning at the beach for some much needed relaxation and catch up time.  I decided to surprise her by making us some morning mimosas as part of a celebration to kick off our summer.

(Don’t worry.  It’s a private beach.  We’re allowed!)

She in turn also had a treat for me.  A palm reading.  Except she didn’t just magically gain the ability to read palms.  No, no.  It’s much more sophisticated.  She has a palm reading app.  Yup, there’s an app for that.

So there we sat, mimosas in hand, girl talk abound, palm reading transpiring.  My kind of day.  Our kind of day.

After my friend was done reporting the detailed and accurate results she was able to email them to me.  Only, I just opened the email now and it’s not as detailed!  At all.

Here’s one tidbit it let me keep: “Your Healer’s marks suggest that you have natural abilities to help others heal, whether it be emotionally, physically, or spiritually.”

Interesting…. Not the first time I’ve been told this.

Thank you for a great day, Universe.  Hoping for many more like those this summer.  Bellinis and Tarot might be next.

Much Gratitude,



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