Wish Upon a Blimp

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“Wish it, believe it, and it will be so.”  ~Deborah Smith

Dear Universe,

I believe in making wishes.

I’m the girl at the birthday party that yells, “Don’t forget to make a wish!” right before the candles will be blown out.

I’m the girl that thinks about her own birthday wish for hours ahead of time so I won’t freeze up in that moment.

And I’m the girl that will wish upon a twinkling star if the night air is just right, the girl who believes that my wishes are heard and might magically come true.

Except I’m not a little girl anymore.  I’m a woman.  A woman who wishes.

But I’m the woman with that little girl inside of me.  So I wish.  I wish for her and I wish for me.  And I know that even years from now—whatever stage I’m at in life—I’ll still be wishing.

I thought of this because somehow, just this week, I started receiving emails about making a daily wish.  The messages give ideas of where to wish and the ritual to do it.  Some have been fairly simple—see a blimp in the sky?  Make a wish and watch until the blimp is out of sight.  Others are more complex—like turning three times in a circle of grass that’s greener than the rest while wishing.

I’ve never heard of these, but I’m rather enjoying the whimsical emails that pop up while I am having my morning coffee and getting my day started.  It’s a good reminder to not take everything too seriously, to put things in perspective, to take the time to wish.

I know all of this may be childish, foolish even, but I also know that it’s important to hold onto some childhood whims.  Because as the years pass and more candles are rooted into the birthday cake, it becomes even more vital to stay young at heart.

So what are you waiting for?  Make a wish.  You don’t need a candle or a star or even a blimp.  You just need a dream or a hope that’s alive in your heart, maybe one no one knows about.

Make a wish.  Just because life’s too short not to.  And because it might actually come true.

With Gratitude,



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