You May Rely On It

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Dear Universe,

I can’t remember how old I was when I got my first Magic 8 Ball.  But I was young and since then I have always owned one.

When I was leaving for college I made sure to pack my Magic 8 ball with me.  Something told me it would most likely come in handy during the next four years.  I placed it on my desk and anyone who came in took turns twirling it.  I think it is certain that the 8 ball knew more dorm secrets than roommates and R.A’s.

When I graduated I didn’t grow out of my attachment.

For years, I kept the 8 ball on my desk at work.  And I can’t tell you how many colleagues, students and staff would come up, see the ball and give it a whirl.

I also kept a steady supply of chocolate handy so my desk was like free therapy.  Come on up, get an answer, have a piece of chocolate and without a doubt instantly feel better.

There’s just something about being able to have an answer in the palm of my hand any time I want one that appeals to me.  You may rely on it, day or night, to never let you down.  And if it is a bad time, just ask again later.

This eagerness for answers might even be why I owned an 8 ball keychain.  Unfortunately, one day I dropped it and well, outlook not so good—it broke apart revealing the inside of the mini-ball.

Now the 8 ball sits here in my office, on my desk, always just a reach away.  I don’t overuse the magic.  No, no.  I reserve it for days when I feel especially confused.  And as I see it yes, it’s also a handy procrastination tool.

Q: Should I get back to work?

A:  Yes definitely

Q:  Are you sure I should get back to work?

A:  It is decidedly so

Q:  Will I win the lottery someday?

A: Concentrate and ask again

See?  The 8 ball is good.  I really wasn’t concentrating on that last question.  And I probably should get back to work.

But first I might ask my 8 ball app for a second opinion.  Yes, there’s an app for that.

In this crazy world of chaos, good advice can sometimes be hard to come by.  But the Magic 8 Ball?  Well, you can count on it and I don’t mind getting insight wherever I can, even from this ball of wonder.  Thank you for the lighthearted guidance.

Much Gratitude,


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