Hallow’s Eve

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Dear Universe,

Ahh, October 31st.  Halloween.  The time for costumes, candy and horror movies.  The time for ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

Or the time for superstitions, rituals and fortune telling.

Yes.  That’s right.  It’s probably not surprising that some people believe Halloween is the best night to perform particular rituals and that it’s the best time to foretell future events (something about the veil between the future and present being its thinnest). 

But for those of us who can’t see the future—though I may have to do a tarot reading today—there are some freaky superstitions that I thought I’d bring to attention.  Because let’s face it: even for those of us who are not superstitious by nature, there is something a little more unsettling on Halloween.

1.  Spiders:  Hmmm, good news, bad news?  If you see a spider it might mean a relative who has passed away is coming to check on you.  Creepy, but possibly comforting?

2.  Witches:  Don’t believe in them?  Well, here’s how to meet one.  Wear your clothes inside out, walk backwards at midnight and voila!  A witch will appear.  Completely doable.

3.  Candles:  Keep a candle burning inside a jack-o-lantern to ward off evil spirits.  Burn new candles on Halloween for good luck, but beware.  If a candle gets blown out, it means a ghost was visiting.

4.  All the Single Ladies:  Bring a lantern to a body of water and you may catch the reflection of your future husband.  Okay, this one may be old, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway!  And for a more practical option, stand at a mirror in the dark.  Hold a candle in one hand and eat an apple or comb your hair with the other.  This magic combination will make the reflection of your future mate appear over your shoulder.

Hey, I didn’t make these up.

5.  The black cat:  Guess what?  It turns out if you see a black cat on Halloween it’s actually good luck!  A white cat?  Not so much. 

Thought I would end on a semi-positive one.  You’re welcome.

There’s something about Halloween that I always loved.  There’s no other day quite like it.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe day and night.

Thank you,


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