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Dear Universe,

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately.  At the start of the semester I felt time was moving so slowly.  Lately though, I feel like time is flying by.  I find myself asking where the minutes are going.  Hours whiz by, then day turns into night in a virtual blink, and suddenly dawn is breaking yet again.

In the midst of time ticking away is me running—a constant race to catch up or get ahead.  My date book overflows with lists, appointments, plans and reminders.  But when will I have the time to do it all?

For the last week or so I think you’ve been sending me signs to think about time.

First, my watch battery died.  No big deal, though it threw me for a loop.  Then I got a postcard from a friend that I’ve lost touch with for a long time—several years even.  Next, as I strolled in the bookstore looking for a particular book all I kept seeing was Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper.  By my third time passing it, in three different spots, I got the hint and started reading:

“Consider the word ‘time.’  We use so many phrases with it.  Pass time.  Waste time.  Kill time.  Lose time.  In good time.  About time.  Take your time.  Save time.  A long time.  Right on time.  Out of time.  Mind the time.  Be on time.  Spare time.  Keep time.  Stall for time.”

What can I say?  I was hooked and had to read more.  It felt like appropriate timing.

That’s when I got to thinking about timing—bad timing in particular.  Lately, I’ve found myself wondering why certain things happened when they did.  Universe, couldn’t you see it just wasn’t the right time?

Now of course I say that jokingly (sort of).  Because I believe that whether we can see it or not, everything is unfolding in perfect time.

It can be frustrating in the moment when we can’t see it yet.  I’ve learned I usually have to wait—a while—to see how it all comes together.

Then suddenly, just when you think you are going along on your normal humdrum day, something out of the ordinary happens to make you realize there is a plan—one you haven’t written in the date book.

And it reminds you that there is no such thing as bad timing.

Days and months pass and you look back and realize that things have been accomplished after all.  And the people you’ve lost touch with?  They come back around too—if they are meant to.

“It is never too late or too soon.  It is when it is supposed to be.”

Sometimes we don’t need more time.  We just need a little faith and a lot of patience.

Thank you for divine timing.  I know it’s all working it out exactly as it should—even if it’s not the plan I have written down on my timetable.

And thank you for the extra hour today with daylight savings.  I’ll try to make the most of it.

Much Gratitude,


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