Like an Hourglass

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patience“And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table…” ~Anna Nalick

Dear Universe,

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the egg timer my mom had in our kitchen.  It was a miniature hourglass with neon blue sand inside.  I would often flip the timer over just so I could watch the grains tunnel through from top to bottom.

I understood that no matter how quickly I flipped the timer over or how much I wanted it to move faster, the sand had its own pace.  It would arrive at its destination exactly when it should and not a second sooner.

I liked the certainty of this.

I thought of this recently because it seems like when it comes to life, I need to be reminded of this lesson now and then.

You see, I am a planner.  I don’t know at what age I began planning ahead, making lists and thinking so much about my future, but one thing is certain—I think about what’s ahead a great deal.

Sometimes I even drive myself a little crazy thinking.

It seems things happen too soon or not soon enough.  We race to accomplish goals, only to think of a new one as soon as we reach the one we just arrived at.  We plan our future days, not taking the time to enjoy the one we are currently in.

And often it feels like time is either moving too fast or too slow.  As I get older, the years appear to speed by quicker and quicker.  Sometimes I wish I had more time.  Sometimes I want to fast forward, rewind or simply hit pause.

But that’s not how it works.  We all know this, of course, yet we are all guilty of these thoughts at some point.

Sometimes it’s hard to acclet life unfoldept there are some things we don’t have control over.

And it can be even harder to accept that some things, no matter how much we plan, work for or pray for, are not meant to be or simply not meant to be right now.

While it’s good to have hopes, goals and dreams, and it’s even better to work towards them, at some point we might be better served to set that plan in place and then let it go.

“Let life unfold at its own pace.”

Pushing too hard, worrying too much, stressing beyond a healthy limit… rarely leads to anything positive.

There is no need to rush.  If we were supposed to be somewhere, with someone or doing something, we would be.  There is no need to want to rewind.  All we really have is now.  There is no need to worry about things way into the future.  Most likely, they won’t occur anyway.

If we could simply accept that, we might feel a little more at peace day to day.

So when possible, plan.  Do what’s in your control to work towards what you want.  When it’s time, release the desire and leave the rest up to fate.

And the next time you find yourself stressing or worrying about time, picture the hourglass.  Be patient as you let life flow at its natural pace.

Thank you for the reminder that life is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

Much Gratitude,


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