Positive Pause… Go Ahead, Take One

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Dear Universe,

This semester I have a busy schedule.  Okay, a somewhat insane schedule.  On certain days I go from car to class to car to train to class to train to class to car to… it gets confusing!  If I happen to have time to grab a coffee between all this shuffling around—well, it’s a blessing.

I hate rushing, bustling and hustling.  It makes me feel like I’m missing out—on the sunny day, on conversations with friends, on general overall peace of mind.

So when I had to wait in line to go to the bathroom at one of my jobs the other day, I felt anxious.  I didn’t have much time before getting to the next class.  That’s when I saw this slip of paper on a bulletin board.

It said, “You become what you think.  Free Positive Thoughts.  Take One!”

Well, that got my attention.

I stopped.  I took a breath.  I read the messages.  And then I took one to share with my students—they’ve already caught on that I’m a big fan of inspiration, especially when you least expect it.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized what I had missed.  The whole board was filled with inspiration!

I was mad at myself for not noticing it the first time.  What else am I overlooking as I hurry about on these hectic days?

Apparently a lot.  All around the school I began to notice this running theme.  A piece of paper on another board in a stairwell: “Relax,” is all it said.  “Keep Breathing,” said another.  Turns out on my busiest days, there is plenty around to remind me to not rush too much, to take it a little easy, to pause for a zen moment of a few deep breaths.

It makes me feel grateful and glad to work at a place that wants to spread comfort to the students, to the faculty.

I went to that site from the original sign I saw:  www.kindovermatter.com

It turns out you can print these sheets of kind words for people to take.  And there are other ones like, “Free Compliments” or “All You Need is Love is All You Need.” I think I might have to print a bunch and just leave them in places I think need a little sprinkling of hope.  🙂

Thank you for the positive messages all around.  I’m glad I noticed.  I promise next time it won’t take me as long to pick up on the signs.

Much Gratitude,



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