Daylight Savings, Saving Me

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“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Dear Universe,

Though the months are breezing by, at the same time it has felt like a long winter.

Dark evenings and darker days, power outages and less outings, snowstorms and snowmen—it sometimes seems endless.


Spring is coming.  I don’t just know this because the calendar promises it.  I know it because I feel it upon us.

Just yesterday morning I awoke to the melody of birds chirping, yes, chirping.  It instantly made me smile, made me excited to get out of bed and greet the sunshiny day ahead.

It’s getting a little warmer and a little less snowy and a little more hopeful.

My favorite part of this time of year?  The later days: the sun stretching itself minute by minute, day by day.

All of these things make me more energetic and more excited for the coming months.  In my mind, all the things I want to do, but never get around to, are completed.  In my mind, the beach is beckoning.  In my mind, I’m already at the airport, passport in hand, off to another adventure.

Then reality sets in and I get back to work, back to the buzzing around.  But I don’t mind it so much since the daylight keeps me moving, keeps me motivated.

In other words, Universe, thank you.  Thank you for the spring-like air and the spring in my step.  Thank you for the sunny days and the hopeful ones ahead.

Most times it doesn’t take much to make me feel insanely grateful.  And sunnier days and later sunsets all leading to Spring?  Well, this is one of those times.

With Gratitude,


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