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Dear Universe,

With all this gorgeous weather, I’ve been wanting to be out and about as much as possible.  Lucky for me, London makes it easy to come up with things to do on sunny, dry days.

I decided it was the perfect time to check out some of the markets London has to offer.  It started with a return to Camden Market which had so enchanted me last year.  It was exactly as I remembered from the crowds to the goods to the food from all over the world.  I even found the little hole in the wall where I had gotten an impromptu tarot reading.  Sadly, the same man I was hoping to see wasn’t there.

The following day I headed over to Notting Hill (yes, like from the movie!) to check out Portobello Market—thanks to a friend mentioning I should go.  What a sight!

The market stretched for what felt like miles in a scenic background that did look straight out of a film.  Buildings were painted in pretty pastels with bright, fragrant flowers sprucing up doorsteps and balconies.  But despite the beautiful surroundings, it is the shopping that captures you.

Some of the stands sold similar items like Camden had—especially the clothing.  But Portobello also had antiques and oddities that you couldn’t help but check out.  From old boxing gloves, to one-of-a-kind movie posters, to silver plated scissors, to dazzling jewelry, to dainty teacups, and ribbons for sewing, one could easily spend the day there just meandering in and out of stalls and shops.  So that’s what I did.

And when I got hungry?  A nutella and banana filled crepe hit the spot.  But there was so much to choose from like the stand making seafood paella in a pan the size of tabletop or the fried fish filet or the organic hot dogs or the churros and chocolate.  When I was thirsty I grabbed a cup of Pimm’s and kept on going.  When I saw the man hacking open coconuts and inserting a straw for fresh coconut water, I smiled since it reminded me of being on a Caribbean island.  All in all, a fun day, certainly glad I went.

The next morning, feeling rather lazy, I headed over to a farmer’s market only a few minutes away.  Locals lined up for the fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and cheeses.  Oyster mushroom sandwiches were being cooked on the spot, but if that wasn’t filling enough there were steak sandwiches being grilled to order.  Pies and puff pastries piled up on tables—all looking so delectable it was difficult to decide on just one.

Thank you for the opportunity to be out and about exploring London, especially the markets which are filled with so many memorable fashions, fancies and flavors.

Much Gratitude,




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