Coffee Break (Down)

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day off“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee.”  ~Carly Simon

Dear Universe,

Sometimes you just need a break.  A coffee break.  Or a coffee break…down.

And the other day that’s exactly what I had.

Let me explain.

Part One:

About a month ago, one of my nearest and dearest gal pals mentioned to me that a friend of her mother’s reads coffee cups—as in you drink the coffee, she flips it over and volia—she reads your future, gives insight to your present.

Naturally, as soon as she told me this, I was in.

Growing up, I had watched my grandmother (Nana!) do this same ritual.  She often gave my parents readings after having them sip thick coffee from tiny porcelain cups.  The coffee swirls left behind was a story waiting to be told.  So I was familiar with this and was excited to experience it for myself.

I wasn’t deterred when I found out the woman spoke no English.  Please!  This was a minor detail.  My friend could translate.  I trusted her with my fortune.

And so it was arranged.  My mother was also able to come which was an added treat.  This is our thing… the three of us our always off on some psychic, spiritual adventure.

Part Two:

We arrived and I greeted this petite, brunette woman with an “hola.”  She assumed I could speak Spanish and a stream of words came out.  I looked at her and smiled sheepishly.

My friend had her work cut out for her.

One at a time we went.  Our coffee was poured and when we were told to leave a little at the bottom of the cup it was hard to since it tasted so good.

She took my mom first and my friend followed.  Up the stairs they went, coffee cup in hand, while I sat alone and waited.

I took the time to try and clear my head.  I had a lot spinning through my mind—it’s just been one of those weeks.  I worried this would affect my reading.

Part Three:

It affected my reading.  Right off the bat, the woman asked if I was stressed.  She touched the top of my head and told my friend she could feel the stress emanating from me.  It was making her hard to read my energy.  She told my friend it was as if I had a wall up.

Because the coffee cup?  She uses it, but really I’m not sure she needs it.  She also used some tarot cards at the end, but it’s clear her gift isn’t based on cards or cups.

Hearing her frustration, frustrated me.  I’m never a hard read when it comes to this stuff.

The reading ended and back downstairs as we waited for my friend’s coffee to be poured, my mom asked how it went.

I explained.  And then I started to cry.

My mom and friend looked at me not sure what to do.  They knew I was feeling overwhelmed.  They offered loving, calming words.  I took a few deep breaths and hit reset.  I was glad the woman couldn’t understand what we were whispering about.

Part Four:

The reading was actually helpful and promising, despite her saying she was having trouble reading me.  She touched upon things that have been on mind.  And she was so sweet and kind.  I appreciated her presence.

Most of all, I appreciated the coffee break in the middle of a crazy day, crazy week.

I went in thinking the woman would give my coffee cup a breakdown and read into it.  She did, but when I ended up having a different kind of coffee breakdown, the irony was not lost on me.

Sometimes you just need a break.  Sometimes you need a coffee break.  But next time I think I’d prefer my coffee break-down without the tears and with the walls completely down.

Thank you Universe for another adventure with two of my favorite ladies.  I look forward to what we do next.

Muchas Gracias,



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