Spring Fling

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springtime“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”  ~Proverb

Dear Universe,

Spring is in the air.  I can feel it—or at least I am pretending I can feel it!

The other day it was a tropical 40 degrees when I woke up to the sound of birds chirping.  At first I thought I must be hearing things, so I sat in silence listening even more closely, and yes it was birds sing-songing-springtime melodies.

I smiled and got out of bed ready to start the day.

And today of course is Daylight Savings which means the sun will set an entire hour later.  That hour makes all the difference in helping give me energy, hope and excitement for the day.

I’m so excited about spring coming that I started to wonder, what are some rituals people do to welcome spring?  Turns out, there are quite a few.

There’s of course the normal spring cleaning routine.  Getting rid of things that no longer serve you is a gratifying way to clear your energy and make space for the new things you wish to invite into your life.

The start of spring is also an opportunity to practice healing rituals.  Leave behind the cold, the old, what’s been said and what’s been done, and welcome the warmth and fresh start that spring promises.  After all, spring is seen as the ultimate season of renewal.  So shed what you want to leave behind and spring forward with extra pep, with a spring in your step.  Light a candle, say a prayer, or simply just get outside, close your eyes, breathe in and bathe in the feeling of the sunlight kissing your skin.

And no matter your religion, eggs are seen as the universal sign of rebirth or fertility.  So gather friends, family, neighbors and children to plan an egg-painting party followed by an egg-hunt to get everyone in the mood to welcome the new season.

Perhaps one of my favorite ideas is to throw a “Joy Party.”  Invite your loved ones over for a celebration that lightens the mood and welcomes in new energy.  Everyone comes prepared to play one song that makes them happy while everyone dances in joy.  This sets the intention for a blissful spring.  Add your own twist to this party by sharing your intentions and toasting with a pastel pink drink.

Why not?

So as winter comes to a close, be sure to give thanks for whatever came your way while preparing to give spring a memorable welcome.

Here’s to warmer weather, sunnier, longer days and new energy for all.


Much Gratitude,



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