Rituals, Release and Renewal

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“So come on let it go Just let it be… Everything’s that’s broke Leave it to the breeze…” ~James Bay Dear Universe, The other day I was having a conversation that eventually led to this question: “How can I stop my past hurts from affecting my present?” The conversation was about—you guessed it—relationships. In this case my friend was struggling …

let go

Make Your Space Sacred

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“What you are surrounded by impacts your existence.  Make your space soul-filling, not soul-draining.”  Dear Universe, I wholeheartedly believe the energy we are surrounded by makes a difference in our lives. The people around us can certainly impact our energy, but so can objects, furniture and lots of other things we don’t often consider. Last week, I was reminded of …

On Baggage

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“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.” ~Louise Smith Dear Universe, We all have baggage. I’m not talking about the suitcases we pack to go on trips. I’m talking about the heavy emotional baggage we carry every day, the kind that chips away at our edges, the kind that weighs on our …